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Data Centers Services

Continuous Business Enablement:  Our IT architects specialize in Data Centre design. They take into consideration the key elements of setting up manageable networks, WAN convergence and server & storage in rack enclosure. A conducive environment with abundant power supply and temperature control ensures optimum up-time of our servers.

Excellence by Design:  we design your IT landscape by right sizing your budgetary framework for your current and future requirements.

System Architecture, Capacity Planning and Deployment

  • Servers – CPU and RAM sizing for TPMC Capacity Required, RAID Levels, iCOD, Fallback, Redundancy
  • Data Storage Option and Sizing – NAS, Flash, SAN
  • UPS – Power Management Systems, SNMP for Alerts

Data Center Expertise

  • Design, Setup and Management of Data Centers
  • Environment Control Systems – Temperature, Humidity
  • Physical and Technical Safety Issues
  • Data Backup, Disaster Recovery
  • Compliances to Standards and Industry Best Practices

Future-Relevant Capacity Planning:   Proper capacity planning is carried out keeping in mind  the type of industry, technology advancement in addition to your aspiration of growth through 'scale-as-you-grow' approach.

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